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24/7 Water Damage Remediation Response

flooded home prior to the water damage remediation process beginning.

Get your home back to normal, sooner, with minimally invasive water damage remediation drying process.

extracting standing water at the beginning of the water damage remediation job

We’re here when you need us most: now!

Floods can occur at any time: night or day. With 24/7 water damage response, we can be there, in your home, to mitigate the water damage as soon as it happens. The quicker the water damage is mitigated, the quicker the drying begins, the less likely it becomes that mold will grow.

Detailed Assessment

Our crew will provide an assessment of where the travel has traveled, to get a scope of the Water Damage. With this, we’ll create an action plan on how to best mitigate the water damage and get your home back to normal ASAP.

two people shaking hands agreeing to water damage or steam carpet cleaning job
extracting water from hardwood floors using Injectidry Dry Mat System

Minimally Invasive Drying Process

We will mitigate the water damage using a drying process that will cause minimal extra damage to your home, while also monitoring, daily, the moisture readings of the affected areas, ensuring everything is dries fully.

Peace of mind

Be assured, through tracked scientific data, that your home will dry in a sound, controlled environment. This way we eliminate the possibility of mold growth and minimize secondary water damage during the drying process.

two people shaking hands agreeing to water damage or steam carpet cleaning job

Water Damage Remediation Process

Why use a minimally Invasive Drying Process?

Not all Water Damage Remediation projects can be dried using a minimally invasive drying process. Category 3 water losses, such as sewage backups, require the removal of all porous material, making the drying process intrusive. Water damage that has sat for a couple of days also cannot be dried in this manner because microbial growth, such as mold, could already have begun to grow.

Category 1 water losses, which originate from a sanitary source such as a clean water pipe, do not require the removal of porous materials per IICRC Standards. In category 1 water damage jobs, drywall and baseboards can be dried in place. This is because porous materials are permeable, which means that water can freely flow through and out of them.

By employing a minimally invasive drying process we can get your home back to a pre-loss state sooner. And, with our moisture meters we are able to track and verify that everything truly dried.

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