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With movie companies, the laws were such that after they sold their media, their movies, the movie companies were still able to garnish part of the second- and third-hand sales. The reason for that law was that 50 years ago, in the days after World War II, when the movie industry was still building itself up, films were sold from theater to theater and on down the line. That was the reason why the exception was created for movies. As you are well aware, today’s games have a lot of cinematic scenes. The game manufacturers are trying to get the games recognized the same as movies, so that even after they are sold they will still have the right to receive part of the proceeds when games are sold second hand.

Maybe you can ask someone that lives here in the US what is done. What if instead of a GBA emulator you made a GB Player emulator? Say you made it so you could connect a legitimate GB Player to your PC and use it to play GBA games. I’ll bet technically the patent doesn’t take that into account. Emulation is legal on the reason that there’s no reason it shouldn’t be.

I realize that you live in Germany and I live in the United States. I think over here owning the original pinball machine isn’t going to make the roms legal.

If there was a copy protection on the devices and the emulators don’t honor it, that’s a case for the DMCA, but those old systems don’t have that. That’s the reason N had to get a patent in first place, so the other emus would actually violate a law. do you think they download the american versions or japanese versions?

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just because nintendo can’t make any money off of used games you might buy, doesn’t mean they can’t make any money off of used games japanese kids buy. In 1997, more focus was spent on the influence of used game sales as opposed to new game sales.

  • After VisualBoyAdvance became inactive in 2004, several forks began to appear such as VBALink, which allowed users to emulate the linking of two Game Boy devices.
  • Besides the DirectX version for the Windows platform, there is also one that is based on the free platform independent graphics library SDL.
  • Thus, the M in VBA-M stands for Merge.There is also a RetroArch/Libretro port of VBA-M’s GBA emulation core as well as a modified version called VBA-Next.
  • Eventually, VBA-M was created, which merged several of the forks into one codebase.
  • This is available for a variety of operating systems including Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, and BeOS.
  • VisualBoyAdvance has also been ported to AmigaOS 4, AROS, GameCube, Wii, webOS, and Zune HD.


You can also look for second hand sources to buy the old DOS games. I ordered an entire collection of MAME roms from a vendor over a year and a half ago. I don’t think he had the authority to sell them because in the MAME site it says that any vendor of MAME roms that burns them to disk and sells them still copyrighted is breaking the law. I don’t know the whereabouts in finding a person that has the authority to sell MAME roms and buy a license from them.

The distribution and sales were gradually increasing, and the game distributors felt this was not a good trend as used sales were eating into their business. They wanted some portion of the proceedings from the sales of used games. However, within those copyright laws, movies were treated separately from other copyrighted materials.

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