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Addictive social media apps & games eat up a lot of time that could otherwise be spent productively. With Mobicip’s app blocker, you can apply restrictions on apps that your kids download or access, and also block inappropriate apps & games even before they are downloaded. Kids get their own "connected device" at the average age of 10! Ensure internet safety and a productive online environment by blocking inappropriate content on Safari, Chrome & other browsers.

Tracking Child Support Costs

The company even offers Apple and Android apps for accessible communication on the go. The major benefits of co-parenting apps and online tools include the ability to share each child’s schedule, keep each parent notified about upcoming appointments, and track any shared expenses. If you think this sort of tool might be useful, give these top-rated co-parenting communication tools a try.

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There’s a fine line between keeping kids protected and invading their budding privacy. Free to download on both iOS and Android, Amicable helps parents reach fair agreements, simplify the separation process and reduce their costs. Yes, we know that’s easier said than done — especially when your kid are hopping back and forth between two or more homes.

Quick Games

Mobicip’s dynamic internet filter scans websites in real-time, blocks adult/inappropriate sites, & allows only age-appropriate content for each child. The cost starts at $99 per parent per year, and child accounts are free. Our Family Wizardis an online tool downloadsdb.com designed specifically for co-parenting families. It allows parents to manage all aspects of their shared parenting agreement online and in one place, from calendars to expenses.

Downtime allows you schedule periods when the device will only allow calls or access to specific apps, while you can also set daily limits for apps so they are only available at certain times of day. Still, if you’re a technologically blended family then this might be the ideal solution. The iOS app gives you control over screen time while providing locations tracking, alerts about online activity, plus a granular amount web filtering. Kaspersky Safe Kids has some excellent controls not only to restrict access to online content but also to limit access to specific applications and categories of applications. Built right into Windows 10, there’s absolutely no reason not to use Microsoft’s own parental controls.

Parents should be advised to use caution given that the information provided might be influenced by commercial gains. Apps play an increasingly important role in supporting new parents in their first year of parenthood due to convenience and ease of accessibility.

Advanced location tracking provides data on where you child is at any moment, along with historical locations for the past four days. Use geofencing to designate set areas your child is allowed to visit, and receive an alert when your child arrives in certain locations. This all-around app solution is highly rated by parents for its site restrictions, screen-time management, and geolocation tools. It’s free to use, but requires a monthly payment for access to premium features. Begin an ongoing conversation with your child, tween, or teen about how to behave safely on the Internet even without your controls — and why safety matters.

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