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Who We Are

About Us

Just think of us as your friendly, family-owned, Professional Carpet Restoration company dedicated to making you happy with both our work and conduct.

Our goal is simple: to provide you with a great carpet steam clean you can recommend, and the knowledge that comes with experience to provide the care needed to keep it looking its best.

As a family owned business we value our personal interactions with you and will respect your home by conducting ourselves courteously and professionally. We'll greet you with a smile, because you are a valued friend.

Workmanship Standard

We are committed to providing consistent superior quality work by sending trained technicians who will take their time to service your carpet the best they can.

Additionally we'll inspect the carpet from wall to wall to ensure any necessary care needed is recommended to keep it looking its best .

While, also, delivering a superior Carpet Clean, Restoration, and Water/Fire Damage Remediation service than our competitors.

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Our Guarantees

We want to make sure you're always satisfied with our Steam Carpet Cleans that if you are not happy with the results in an area, that area is free of charge.

And if an issue arises with our carpet restoration work attributed to our workmanship, we will correct the problem free of charge.

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your home carpet is in good hands.

Thank You for choosing us!

Our Steam Carpet Clean Process

  • 1. Pre Treatment
  • 2. Power Scrub
  • 3. Steam Cleaning
  • 4. Deodorizing
Most carpet fibers on the market today are nylon, polyester, olefin and wool- each requiring distinct care to clean. To professionally clean carpets also requires an understanding of the four basic principles of carpet cleaning: time on the job, temperature of cleaning solution, agitation of the fibers and the chemicals used.

The pre-treatment bonds to soil particles, while the power scrub loosens the soil that bonded with pretreatment, and the steam clean rinses said soil from deep within the fibers, for a thorough clean. The deodorizing is finally applied free of charge to the cleaned areas for a fresh clean scent.

Our technicians are trained to identify the carpet fibers and implement the proper cleaning techniques.

Meet Our Team

Marcos Chicas
Immer Alvarado
Juan Gonzalez
Darvin Melgar

Main Services

Carpet Cleaning
Stain Removal

Allow us to keep your carpet looking great by removing stains caused by juices,food, cosmetics, pet urine, wine, bleach and more.

Carpet Wrinkle Removal

We can remove carpet wrinkles/buckling caused by improper carpet installation, natural carpet backing expanding, and/or carpet loosening from tack strips.


Burns, tears and any damage can take away from the beautiful look of your carpet; let us repair the damage(s).

Water/Fire Damage Remediation

Unforseen flooding from broken pipes, rain, toilet overflows if left unattended can severely damage your home-structure, belongings and allow mold to grow. If the home is not dried in a professional timely manner secondary water damage could set in, damaging electrical devices from condensing water, warping door frame and any porous material and much more.

Call Us as soon as possible to mitigate the Water Damage, we are here 24/7.

Call: 301-318-0797 for emergency flooding services.

Smoke/Pet/Food Bad Odor Removal